Disclosure Log

  • Ref: FOI-2015-09 Hearings and Complaints

    Date received: 12th October 2015
    Subject: Information on Conduct Hearings and NISCC Complaints Policy
    Outcome: Part Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2015-07 Recruitment Advertising

    Date received: 21st September 2015
    Subject: Copy of NISCC Recruitment Advertising Policy
    Outcome: Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2015-08 Social Worker Data

    Date received: 16th September 2015
    Subject: Number of social workers in health care categories
    Outcome: Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2015-05 Registrant Forum

    Date received: 03rd August 2015
    Subject: Details of appointments to Forum and copies of meeting notes
    Outcome: Part Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2014-08 Registrant numbers and Conduct referrals

    Date received: 09th October 2014
    Subject: Number of social workers registered. Details of Conduct complaints and findings
    Outcome: Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2014-07 Number of Conduct hearings and referrals

    Date received: 10th September 2014
    Subject: Total number of hearings where the registrant was present. Number of Conduct allegations passed to the NISCC since January 2014.
    Outcome: Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2014-03 Expense for Conduct hearings

    Date received: 15th April 2014
    Subject: Total expense for conduct hearings in the last calendar year. In the last 40 conduct hearing how many registrants have failed to turn up.
    Outcome: Part Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2014-01 Info on Registrants according to nationality and/or country of qualification

    Date received: 08th January 2014
    Subject: Numbers of registrants broken down by nationality and/or country of qualification.
    Outcome: Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2013-31 Contact Details of Local Authorities

    Date received: 03rd November 2013
    Subject: Contact details of various local authorities
    Outcome: Part Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2013-29 Conduct Complaints Statistics

    Date received: 27th September 2013
    Subject: Statistics in relation to conduct complaints
    Outcome: Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2013-26 Conduct Case Summaries, Registrant Minutes, Non-attending Registrants

    Date received: 29th July 2013
    Subject: Conduct Case summaries, Registrant minutes, number of non-attender Registrants
    Outcome: Part Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2013-25 Stats Dom Care Managers & Orgs Registered

    Date received: 17th July 2013
    Subject: Number of Domicillary Care Managers and Organisations Registered
    Outcome: Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2013-18 Length of Time to Review Conduct Case

    Date received: 07th June 2013
    Subject: How long it takes to review a Conduct case
    Outcome: Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2013-20 Conduct Committee Member Recruitment Policies

    Date received: 07th June 2013
    Subject: Conduct member recruitment policies
    Outcome: Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2013-16 Monitoring NISCC Anti-Discriminatory Practice

    Date received: 28th April 2013
    Subject: How we monitor anti-discriminatory practice within NISCC
    Outcome: Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2013-15 Timsecale Compulsory Registration Dom Care Workers

    Date received: 25th April 2013
    Subject: Timescale for compulsory registration of Domiciliary Care Workers
    Outcome: Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2013-11 Conduct Decisions 08-13 & Employer Details

    Date received: 24th April 2013
    Subject: Request for decisions of all Conduct hearings for the last 5 years and employers
    Outcome: Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2013-13 Complaints from 2005 - Employer & Employee

    Date received: 22nd April 2013
    Subject: Complaints from 2005 - Employer re Employee and Employee re Employee
    Outcome: Part Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2013-10 Registrant Statistics

    Date received: 17th April 2013
    Subject: Request for registrant stats
    Outcome: Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2013-08 Dom Care Manager Registrations

    Date received: 08th March 2013
    Subject: How many domiciliary care workers/ managers are registered and how many of them come from the independent sector?
    Outcome: Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2013-07 Conduct Panel Members & Expenses

    Date received: 04th March 2013
    Subject: Conduct Panel Members and Expenses
    Outcome: Part Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2013-06 Conduct Complaints

    Date received: 01st March 2013
    Subject: Conduct Complaints
    Outcome: Part Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2013-03 Stats NISCC Conduct Hearings 2008-13

    Date received: 01st February 2013
    Subject: Various statistics on the NISCC Conduct hearings in past 5 years
    Outcome: Part Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2013-05 Stats Registered Social Workers & Students

    Date received: 13th January 2013
    Subject: Current figures of registered Social Workers and Students
    Outcome: Granted

  • Ref: FOI-2013-01 Info on NISCC HR & Payroll Services

    Date received: 10th January 2013
    Subject: Info on NISCC HR and Payroll services
    Outcome: No records held