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Northern Ireland Social Care Council ECHO Knowledge Network

25 February 2021

The ‘Northern Ireland Social Care Council ECHO Knowledge Network’ Hub would like to invite Domiciliary Care/Support Managers and Supervisors across all sectors in NI, including those providing/working in Supported Living services to join the virtual session scheduled for 12 March 2021; see agenda below.

This session will include an opportunity to engage with RQIA including:

  • a review, and update, of RQIA Standards
  • the 4 Domains – is care safe, compassionate, effective and well led?
  • the different types of Inspections
  • potential future service developments
  • how RQIA can support the Care at Home sector

Additionally, there will be an opportunity to hear about some developments in relation to recruitment of staff into Social Care in NI.

This ECHO session will also provide an opportunity for mutual sharing including as part of the ‘COVID-19 Update’.

If you have not previously registered for the Northern Ireland Social Care Council ECHO Knowledge Network, please do so by close of play on Wednesday 10th March 2021 – click here to see the Network Registration document.

12th March 2021

Meeting details:
Zoom Meeting ID: 677 142 3219 Passcode: 678234


– 10:00-10:05: Welcome, Introductions and Housekeeping- Paul Rooney and Elaine Kane

– 10:05-10:45: Engagement with RQIA- Presentation, Case Study/s and Discussion – Julie Dickenson, Service Improvement Officer, RQIA

– 10:45-11:00: COVID-19 update & discussion-All, facilitated by Paul

– 11:00-11:20- Care Sector Recruitment- Presentation & discussion – Claire Trainor, Head of Strategic Communications and Engagements, Social Care Council

– 11:20-11:30- Future ECHO sessions – Mervyn Bothwell

– 11:30: Close