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HSC COVID-19 Workforce Wellbeing and Coping Study Phase 5 Results

Venue: Zoom
Date: 17th October 2022
Time: 12:00 - 1:30pm

Presented by: Dr Paula McFadden and Dr Patricia Gillen, Ulster University


This lunchtime seminar aim to present the findings of the 5th Phase of the Health and Social Care, Workforce Wellbeing and Coping Study.  This is the 5th Phase of this study which began in May 2020, collecting data from social workers, social care workers, midwives, nurses and AHPs, UK wide. The 5th Phase collected data from May until July 2022 and the study will continue until March 2023.  We will discuss levels of wellbeing and methods of coping, work related quality of life, home work interface, job and work segmentation, stress at work, conflict, incivility and absence and job exit.

Consistent themes emerged from the each survey Phase since 2020.  These centred around the significance of communication, connection (to service recipients, employers and co-workers), and rapid changes in working conditions.  We will compare results across the timeline from the study began to show changes over time.

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