Choosing a Career in Care

Thinking about your next step when you leave school or college? Considering changing your career or returning to work?

If you’re looking for a career which makes a positive difference, then a career in care could be for you. You will play an important role in supporting others and get a sense of personal achievement from knowing you are helping other people to live their lives and achieve their potential 

There is a growing demand for people to work in care roles at many levels of responsibility; from providing practical help and support to keeping vulnerable adults or children safe. Jobs are based in a range of settings e.g. care homes, a person’s own home or day centres. There is scope for progression in a career in care, and you will have options for specialising in certain areas or progressing to managerial levels.

Skills Needed to Work in Care

There are many opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge if you work in a caring role.  You can learn on the job with support from your employer, you can attend learning and development workshops on specific topics, or you can complete a competence-based qualification.  Learning and development  is something you must be committed to throughout your care career. 

Particular skills needed include:

  • Effective communications – your job could involve working with people who have communication difficulties;
  • Team working, liasing with other staff from different areas of work e.g social workers, nurses or occupational therapists;
  • Supporting and safeguarding vulnerable people – enabling them to live as independently and safely as possible
  • Developing your own knowledge and practice – continually learning throughout your career

Choosing Your  Career in Care

If you're willing to offer support without judgement and you're prepared to work with people of all ages and from many different backgrounds you're well on your way to a career in care.

AQCCY Resource - A Question of Care - a Career for You?

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 Test drive your suitability to work in care.  Find out what  work in the sector is really like through our interactive  resource AQCCY.

 At the end, you'll receive a detailed personal profile that  tells you if you've got what it takes for a Career in Care.


Meet the Ambassadors for Careers in Care to hear from people currently working in the sector. Find out first-hand about the job satisfaction and the career opportunities available.  More information and supporting resources are available in the Ambassadors section.



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