PRTL - Post Registration Training & Learning

Post Registration Training and Learning (PRTL) is a term used to describe the training and learning carried out by Registrants to update and develop the skills and knowledge they need throughout their career.

PRTL helps you to:

  • Improve the service you provide
  • Develop and improve your job skills, knowledge and behaviour
  • Keep up to date with developing practice, legislation and policy

PRTL can be gained through a range of activities and learning opportunities including:

  • Formal or in-service training
  • Courses, seminars and workshops
  • Reading articles or researching social care topics 
  • Training and mentoring colleagues
  • Following updates to legislation and policies relating to the sector
  • Refresher training/perparation to undertake social care work

Meeting PRTL Requirements for each three/five year registration period 

Registrants must

  • Complete 90 hours of study, training, courses, seminars, reading, teaching or other activities which could reasonably be expected to advance their professional development, or contribute to the development of the profession as a whole (this can formal/informal and in/outside the workplace)
  • Have a written learning and development plan which is agreed with their employer and is regularly reviewed
  • Maintain a record of their PRTL and submit a summary of the completed PRTL to NISCC if requested to do so as part of an audit sample

Employers must

  • Provide induction, training and development opportunities to help staff do their jobs effectively, ensuring they are appropriately trained for their post within the context of Continuous Learning and Development Standards
  • Work with staff on the development of a Learning Plan which is regularly reviewed
  • Help staff to record their PRTL on a regular basis and support them if they are selected by NISCC for a PRTL audit

ALL registrants must complete at least 90 hours PRTL in each registration period. This includes those who are:

  • Part-time workers
  • Agency workers
  • Self Employed
  • Unemployed
  • On long term leave*
  • On maternity leave or sick leave

*Registrants should consider whether they will be able to participate in learning activities while on long term leave. If they are unable to do so, they should apply to 'Voluntarily Remove' themselves from the register. In exceptional circumstances, a Registrant for their case to be taken into consideration by a NISCC Committee If their PRTL does not meet the 90 hours required.

The NISCC PRTL requirements vary according to job role. Click on the job roles below to find out more.

  • Social Care Worker - provides service users with direct personal care and practical support
  • Senior Care Worker - provides supervision and appraisal of social care workers in addition to providing direct care services
  • Social Care Manager -  provides a governance and accountability role for the overall operational management of the care provision, quality assurance of that provision and the supervision and performance appraisal of others.
  • Social Worker - assesses and manages care, support and intervention needs for individuals and families. Responsible for organising and reviewing care packages and interventions. Manages service user case records. Prepares reports and referrals. Often works across disciplines and legal frameworks.

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