Have you accumulated PiP Credits?

19 December 2016

Have you accumulated PiP Credits?

In January 2017 you have the opportunity to claim PiP requirements from credit accumulation.

You should have accumulated at least 100 PiP credits and recorded them on NISCC online.


Our submission point opens on the 9th January 2017 and runs as below:

  •  When can you submit a claim:                                       9th – 20th January
  •  When will PiP Assessors consider the claims:                23rd January – 3rd February
  •  When will the decision making forum meet:                 9th February 
  •  When you will be informed of outcome:                       5 working days following decision making forum                                                                                                                  letters will be issued

Credit Accumulation guidance and examples of successful claims can be found on our website www.niscc.info/professional-in-practice/credit-accumulation (associated resources) or you can email brenda.horgan@niscc.hscni.net for additional help.

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