NISCC Social Work Ambassadors Scheme

1 March 2017

NISCC Social Work Ambassadors Scheme

We are excited to launch our Social Work Ambassador Scheme on Wednesday 22 March 2017

We look forward to hearing from Colum Conway NISCC, Neil Irvine NISCC Participation Partnership, Barbara Campbell SEHSCT, Johnathan Dillon NHSCT, Dawn Richardson Salvation Army and Christine Smyth DoH on the value of Social Work Ambassadors to organisations and service users and how we work together to improving and safeguarding social well being .  Please join us book your place today

The aim of the scheme is to: 

  • Provide information to potential social work applicants and careers advisors about the social work role
  • Strengthen and raise the profile and identity of social workers
  • Support and foster pride in the wocial work profession

Our Social Work Ambassadors have been engaging with a range of audiences including: schools, colleges, universities as well as supporting employers to recruit.  

They're ready for your invite to events to share their knowledge, skills and their enthusiam about their profession.  

If you're interested in hearing from our Social Work Ambassadors and would like them to visit your organisation click and request a visit today.

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