Farewell and thanks to Geraldine Campbell - Participation Chair

19 September 2017

Farewell and thanks to Geraldine Campbell - Participation Chair

Farewell and thanks to our Council Member Geraldine Campbell who today Chaired her last meeting of the NISCC Participation Partnership for Service Users and Carers.

The NISCC Participation Partnership involves service users and carers in our work to help raise standards in social care workers’ skills, knowledge and behaviour. Geraldine was key to founding the Participation Partnership and establishing our Principles of Participation.

She has given her energy and enthusiasm for almost 10 years to ensure that Service Users and Carers are involved in all of our work here at NISCC. We wish Geraldine continued success and look forward to keeping her up to date with the next steps for our Participation Partnership.

The Partnership’s responsibilities are to influence, advise and challenge the NISCC and to develop principles and standards to encourage the development of best practice in participation working.

  • Influencing-the work of the NISCC in regulating the social care workforce in its aim to protect the public. The group provides comments on issues relevant to the work of the NISCC that they are aware of from their own networks that need further exploration. They also have a role in influencing the culture of user/carer engagement within the organisation and in further mainstreaming an ethos of user/carer engagement within the organisation.
  • Advising- the NISCC on how, and who to engage with, when carrying out their work. The Group can be used as a ‘sounding board’ on appropriateness of content, project design, messages or methods of communication with users and carers.
  • Challenging - the NISCC on how effective its user and carer engagement is, in a way that supports a learning environment. An outcome of this challenge will be a re-assurance to Council that user/carer engagement is optimised and the work of NISCC is therefore genuinely informed by the needs and experience of the public

Find out more about the Partnership at https://niscc.info/participation-partnership

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