Social Care users to benefit from ‘Easy Read’ launch

18 January 2018

Social Care users to benefit from ‘Easy Read’ launch

Social Care users from across Northern Ireland are to benefit from the launch of ‘Easy Read’ versions of the Northern Ireland Social Care Council’s (NISCC) Standards of Conduct and Practice for Social Workers and Social Care Workers.

The NISCC easy read standards have been specifically developed for service users, to enable them to understand the level of care they can expect to receive from their social worker or social care worker and what to do if they are not happy with their standard of care. The standards describe the conduct and practice rules social workers and social care workers must follow and how they should behave in order to deliver good quality care.

Launching the easy read guides, NISCC Chief Executive, Colum Conway said: “It is important that the necessary safeguards are in place for some of the most vulnerable people in our society. These ‘Easy Read’ guides will enable users to know about the level of care they can expect to receive and how the Social Worker or Social Care Worker should behave and do their job.

“The guides are also helpful tools for employers and registrants, as reminders of the standards that are expected and the role that NISCC plays in ensuring they are met.”

NISCC commissioned the Tell It Like It Is (TILII) Group under the auspices of the Association for Real Change (ARC) to develop the easy read standards. TILII is a group of adults with a learning disability who are keen to have their say on issues that affect people with a learning disability.

Over the coming months, NISCC will hold a series of engagement events with service user groups to ensure that they are aware of the standards.

Learn more about and download NISCC Easy Read Standards

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