Survey on the health and wellbeing of social workers

1 March 2018

Survey on the health and wellbeing of social workers

Ulster University, with support from Community Care, has launched pioneering research into the longer-term picture of the social work workforce in a time of changing employment conditions.

They are asking Social Workers to take part to help them understand their health and wellbeing concerns and how they relate to their intention to stay or leave the profession.

Led by Dr Paula McFadden, senior lecturer in social work at Ulster University, the research starts with a short survey of the social worker population to capture the voice of social workers and how they feel about their work future and to ask some critical questions about this topic.

The study aims to inform on social workers’ attitudes to ageing at work and their health and wellbeing, alongside home and work interaction. It will look to identify intentions to leave, to inform what kind of accommodations are or should be put in place.

The survey will be completely anonymous so Social Worker views or details of their circumstances will not be attributed or shared on an individual basis.

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Ulster University and Community Care Social Worker Ageing At Work Survey 2018

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