Strictly Boardroom the Boardroom Apprentice and NISCC

8 May 2018

Strictly Boardroom the Boardroom Apprentice and NISCC

The Boardroom Apprentice 2018 is now open for applications

It is a 12 month board training programme to encourage new people to come forward to give their time and share their skills with our third and public sector boards.  It is built on three core pillars:

- Provision of a 12-month Board Apprentice placement to gain experience
- The transfer of knowledge and learning to the Boardroom Apprentice through the delivery of a suite of training
- Support for the Boardroom Apprentice through an assigned board buddy

Having diverse skills and experience in our boardrooms has been rehearsed many times. The only way to achieve this is to have people from diverse backgrounds with a range of skills and experience applying. In order to do that, knowing what board opportunities exist is the first stage, the second is making the decision to apply.  That is your decision to take.

This year NISCC are taking part as a host organisation, so if you are interested in being on a Board in the Third or Public Sector and want to play your part in your community and public life then register to receive the notifications.

Closing date for applications Tuesday, 15 May.

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