Sustainable Social Care Workforce A Priority

25 May 2018

Sustainable Social Care Workforce A Priority

Following the successful ‘Social Care Matters’ Symposium that took place in December 2017, we have produced an overview of the day that captures many of the key points from the speakers and the audience discussion.

We all acknowledge that Social Care is a vital sector employing over 40,000 people in Northern Ireland and adding £821M to our economy per annum – not to mention the contribution made to the lives of those who use its services.

Yet despite its importance, the sector faces what Sean Holland, the Department of Health’s Chief Social Work Officer, described as a ‘stark choice’ - as costs increase and the population ages; we must spend more to provide care, or the range and quality of care services will degrade.

At NISCC, alongside our partners in the Workforce Development Partnership, we have set out a blueprint for the actions required to build a sustainable Social Care workforce.

As we continue the stakeholder dialogue, we hope you find this report useful and that the event’s legacy will be a meaningful contribution to improving the way Social Care is funded and provided in Northern Ireland.

Download the NISCC Social Care Matters Symposium Report

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