BASW Northern Ireland publishes ‘Insult and Injury’ report

5 June 2018

BASW Northern Ireland publishes ‘Insult and Injury’ report

The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) Northern Ireland has today published the report: ‘Insult and Injury: Exploring the impacts of intimidation, threats and violence against social workers

The report presents the results of a survey open to all social workers in Northern Ireland. Eighty-six per cent of those who took part have experienced intimidation, seventy-five per cent have received threats, and fifty per cent have been subjected to violence.
Speaking about the report launch Carolyn Ewart, BASW Northern Ireland Country Manager, said: “In supporting some of the most vulnerable people in society, social workers all too frequently become targets for abuse and violence. Our research details the scale of threats and violence experienced by social workers, which includes physical attacks and threats to kill.
“Social workers also told us about the debilitating impacts of intimidating behaviour, often in the form of implied threats, for example, a service user seeking to instil fear of attack by explaining they know where their social worker lives or where their children go to school. The scope of the problem and the consequences for social workers, as well as their families, is very worrying.
“Our recommendations are a first step towards addressing the dangers faced by social workers. If significant progress is to be made, social work employers in all sectors must demonstrate leadership by prioritising protection of their staff. Doing so will take us closer to the ideal scenario in which social workers can improve the wellbeing of service users, while suffering no ill-effect to their own”. 

You can access a copy of the report here

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