Award Winning Social Workers on Camera

23 July 2018

Award Winning Social Workers on Camera

Earlier this year, Social Workers from across Northern Ireland were recognised for the vital service they play within our society, at the prestigious 2018 Social Work Awards.

The 2018 Awards recognised and rewarded the efforts of many of our 5,000 social workers and highlighted the positive impact they have on individuals, families and communities.

Now, through a series of inspirational videos (below), you have the opportunity to see at first-hand, all of the Award nominees’ projects and initiatives, which are making such a difference in improving people’s lives across Northern Ireland. 

With this, the sixth such occasion, this year’s Awards were hosted by the Northern Health & Social Care Trust and sponsored by the Health & Social Care Board.

The Awards also received support from NISCC, NIASW and the five Health & Social Care Trusts, in partnership with social work organisations from criminal justice, education and the voluntary and independent sectors.

Award Categories

Children’s Services(Team Award)

Adult Services(Team Award)

Partnership (Team Award)

Learning and Development (Team Award)

Children’s Services (Individual)

Adult Services (Individual)

Newly Qualified Social Worker (Individual)


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