Shape Social Care Today

7 August 2018

Shape Social Care Today

Calling all new Social Care registrants and their managers! Did you get your invite to take part in the survey to review the impact of social care registration?

The survey, which is being conducted by the Department of Health, NISCC and the Social Care Institute for Excellence, will help assess the impact of introducing registration and professional standards for social care workers.

It is therefore important that you take this opportunity to share your views on social care registration and professional standards. The survey responses will help us understand how we develop future services and resources for registrants and to maintain the professional standards for your registration. Your responses will also provide insight into whether professional standards are improving skills and practice within the social care workforce.

You should already have received the survey, but if you haven’t, please email us at and we will resend.

The survey, which is completely anonymous, closes at midnight on Saturday, 22 August and takes 10 minutes to complete. By submitting a completed survey you also get the chance to win Amazon vouchers. 



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