‘Respectful Sharenting’ – 2019’s first Lunchtime Seminar

5 February 2019

‘Respectful Sharenting’ – 2019’s first Lunchtime Seminar

On Monday, 4 February the Social Care Council hosted this year’s first Lunchtime Seminar: ‘Helping parents make informed-choices if sharing about their children on Social Media: ‘Respectful Sharenting.’

Debbie Greaves, Senior Social Worker from the Western Health and Social Care Trust, presented the seminar where she shared the findings of a systematic literature review, which explored the rights’ implications of such ‘sharenting’, with specific focus on parents’ rights to freedom of expression and children’s rights to privacy.

With a great turnout, the audience was composed of Social Workers, Social Care Workers, Nurses, Teachers and Parents, who had the opportunity of learning more about:

• What is ‘sharenting’ including current statistics regarding digital behaviours;
• Positive and negative implications for parents and children both now and in the future;
• How you actually pay for ‘free’ social media?
• Theoretical considerations- is self-worth now transacted through the currency of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’? What is ‘privacy’ in a ‘post-privacy’ world?
• Rethinking concepts of: ‘Trust’, ‘Culture’, ‘Community’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Family’;
• A parents’ right to ‘share’ and a child’s right to privacy- how to address the ‘privacy paradox’?
• How you can give evidence-informed guidance to parents/carers regarding ‘respectful sharenting’ which doesn’t get into a rights’ tug of war over children’s rights versus parent’s rights.


viewi the recorded Lunchtime Seminar here.

Unable to attend? Claim your PiP credit by accessing the presentation here

The ‘Respectful Sharenting - Top Tips for Parents' can be accessed here.

This was the first of several Lunchtime Seminars we’ll host during the year. The Seminars will be advertised on our website and on our Social Media channels.

Social Workers, don’t forget you can use the learning from this event to claim PiP credits for your Continuous Professional Development.

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