Successful Days Sharing Innovation and Good Practice

29 May 2019

Successful Days Sharing Innovation and Good Practice

On Tuesday, 14 of May 2019, and on Thursday, 23 of May, the Northern Ireland Social Care Council hosted its two spring Social Care Managers’ Forums. Social care managers and their colleagues enjoyed insightful days of learning and networking with presentations by the members of the council’s staff and invited partners.

Some highlights of the event were the introduction of the new Values Based Recruitment Tool Kit and the presentation on new learning resources available on the Social Care Council’s Leaning Zone. Delegates also showed great interest in the training and development opportunities presented like the Domiciliary Care Workshops, facilitated by the council.

In addition to those, the social care workers received updates on the Northern Ireland Dysphagia Project, from the Public Health Agency and on the results of the ongoing evaluation of compulsory registration policies for the Social Care Workforce, presented by the council’s Director of Regulation and Corporate Services, Declan McAllister and Jillian Martin, from the Department of Health.

We were also glad to welcome Sheina Rigg, talking about Building an ‘ACE’ Aware and Trauma Informed Workforce, which she also presented earlier this year in one of our Lunchtime Seminars, and Dave Millken, part of the BHSCT’s Co-production Team, who shared his experiences as a person receiving individual care, giving delegates an insight of his experience using social care services.

Speaking at the event, our CEO, Patricia Higgins said: 'We are delighted to host this forum for social care leaders. It provides a unique opportunity to hear about innovative practice, to network with colleagues, and to share learning about good practice with each other to support change and transformation across the social care sector'.

Power point presentations from both forums are available here.

The next 2019’s Social Care Managers’ Forum will happen on November. Follow our facebook and twitter, to be the first to know when bookings are open or visit our events page to find out more about these and other events!




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