NISCC Business Plan 2016/17– our priorities for the coming year

9 May 2016

NISCC Business Plan 2016/17– our priorities for the coming year

We have just published our Business Plan for 2016/17. This outlines how we will achieve our objectives.

NISCC is responsible for the regulation and registration of the Social Care Workforce in Northern Ireland. Currently, over 23,000 of the 35,000 people employed in the social care sector are now registered with the NISCC and signed up to the NISCC Standards for their Conduct and Practice. By 31 March 2017 we will have completed registration for the social care workforce. Our Business Plan for 2016/17 outlines how we will achieve our objectives. The full document is available at:

Our key priorities for 2016/17

The continued roll-out of Registration to the Domiciliary Care and Day Care workforce
The NISCC started a programme of engagement during 2015/16 which will continue throughout the period of this new Business Plan to ensure this important workforce is registered with the NISCC and are supported in that role. The roll out of registration to the entire social care workforce in Northern Ireland will support the NISCC’s overarching aim of protecting the public when using social care services.

Embedding the new Standards of Conduct and Practice
The NISCC launched the new Standards of Conduct and Practice in 2015. The new Standards places renewed emphasis on the values and behaviours expected of Social Workers and Social Care Workers in their day to day work, including protecting the rights, interests and wellbeing of service users and carers. The NISCC will be working with Registrants and employers to raise awareness of the Standards across the sector.

Embedding Fitness to Practise
The NISCC will be introducing a ‘Fitness to Practise’ model of regulation, similar to that operated by other health and social care workforce regulators. This will streamline the existing conduct procedures and will extend the range of sanctions available to the Council to make them more risk based and proportionate.

Improving Communication and Engagement
The NISCC recognises the importance of effective and meaningful communication and engagement with its key stakeholders, including Registrants, employers, service users and carers and others. The NISCC will develop a new Communication Plan for 2016/17 which will set out how it will deliver this commitment including using the valuable information it receives from its stakeholders to inform and improve its business in all areas of work.

Delivering high quality services in all business areas
The NISCC is committed to continually improving high quality service delivery and embedding quality standards in its business processes. The NISCC will demonstrate that quality remains at the core of its work, including putting in place system improvements to its Socrates ICT system which supports, among other things, its online Portal to improve the user experience at all levels.

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