Longitudinal Study of Children in Care in NI

22 September 2016

Longitudinal Study of Children in Care in NI

“Study suggests that all long-term placements have the potential to nurture positive relationships and outcomes for children, especially if they are well supported"

Thank you to everyone who attended our Longitudinal Study of Children in Care in NI lunchtime seminar.

Montserrat Fargas Malet from QUB presented the findings of a longitudinal study which has been tracking the placements and measuring the outcomes for a population of looked after children. The study provides a comparative analysis of outcomes across the five placement types of adoption, foster-care, kinship foster-care, residence orders and living with birth parents. The presentation generated discussion and questions which Dominic and Montserrat facilitated.

Please take time to watch Montserrat's presentation: 

Video and presentation event:   www.youtube.com/watch  

Additional resources:

Seminar slides: www.niscc.info/storage/events/2016-9-14-d-mcsherry-lt-sem-presentation.pptx

Journal Article, Care Pathways and Outcomes Study - journal article: storage/news/Paper%20for%20distribution_%20cysr%20does%20placement%20matter(1).pdf

Mind Your Health report https: www.executiveoffice-ni.gov.uk/sites/default/files/publications/ofmdfm/Mind%20Your%20Health%20Report%20October%202015.pdf

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