Social care workers, social workers and social work students must pay an application fee when they first apply for Social Care Councul registration and then pay an annual fee to maintain their registration. The fee amount will vary according to job role and the part of the register they are eligible to be registered on.


Fees Payable

Fees due on or after 1 April 2016 will be charged as follows:

  • Social Care Worker - £30
  • Social Care Manager - £65
  • Social Worker (UK Qualified) - £65
  • Social Worker (Non-UK Qualified) - £350 for first application & £65 for subsequent annual fees
  • Social Work Student - £20 

How to Pay Your Registration Fees

Fees should be paid through your online registration account at https://portal.niscc.org/ using your debit or credit card. Contact our Customer Service Team on 028 9536 2600 (option 1) for assistance creating an online account, or for advice if you are unable to pay online.

Keeping in Touch

The Social Care Council will contact registrants to advise when fees are due for payment. Reminders are normally sent by text or email, so it is important to keep this contact information up to date. If a registrant does not pay their fee on time, NISCC will remove their registration from the register. The employing organisation will also be advised if a registrant is removed from the register to ensure that they are not employing workers who do not have a valid registration.

Tax relief on Fees

HM Revenue and Customs has agreed that the registrant fee payable to the Social Care Council is tax deductible and may be claimed by Registrants on their tax return or by application to their tax office. Standard Rate Tax Payers may claim 20% of their Council Annual Fee/Renewal Fee as a tax deduction. The tax deduction will normally be made by an amendment to your tax code. Further information and claim forms are available here.

There are three different ways of claiming tax relief for the expenditure:

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