Induction Standards

Integral to building a confident and professional workforce is on-going learning and development. New workers begin with Induction and then undertake training to develop their skills and knowledge throughout their career.

NISCC Induction Standards are applicable to ALL new workers entering the workforce and those changing job roles or employers within their sector – irrespective of their qualification level. The standards set out everything a new worker needs to know to allow them to do their job safely and effectively. Induction should be completed within six months of starting in the job role. 

Completing induction will help build a new worker’s confidence and make sure they have the skills and knowledge to succeed in their job. The Induction Standards have been developed to build on the training and assessment most employers already have in place as part of their Human Resources Policy.

The Standards, a Candidate Workbook and Manager’s Guidance are available as PDF downloads below. Permission is given to copy the materials, or sections within them, for training purposes, or to record a worker’s development.

NISCC standards of Conduct and Practice must underpin all social care practice. NISCC is reviewing the Induction Standards to align with the Standards of Conduct and Practice. Further information on that review will be available periodically during 2016. NISCC will develop support material for social care workers and managers to support the introduction of the refresh standards. In the meantime continue to use the current Induction Standards and support materials..

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