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We are a transparent and open organisation. We publish a wide range of information on this website about our organisation structure, our role and how we carry out our work. We follow the Information Commissioner guidance for Non-Departmental Public Bodies on the publication of information for members of the public and our stakeholders.

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Information we routinely publish online is provided free of charge. Many other individual requests are also fulfilled free of charge. If there is a resource required to locate and copy information then we will charge according to the Guidance to Charges for Information Requests.

The Act allows the public to request non personal information from a public authority such as NISCC. It encourages us to be open and accountable and to ensure our information is readily accessible to anyone who requests it.

  • The request must be made in writing (letter or email).
  • State clearly the information you are requesting (you do not have to explain the purpose of the request)
  • Provide your name and a contact address (email or post)
  • Send your request to the Information Governance Manager. Email: or write to: Information Governance Manager, Business Services Organisation, 2 Franklin Street, Belfast, BT2 8DQ.
  • We will provide a response within 20 working days. If we require an extension, we will contact you to explain why.

Individuals have the right to access information about themselves under the Data Protection Act 1998. You can do this by making a Subject Access Request. If you would like a copy of the data which the Social Care Council holds on you then a request can be made.

  • The request must be made in writing
  • Provide your full name, address and telephone number
  • Provide proof of your identity e.g driving licence
  • State clearly the information you are requesting (including dates and references to types of information you are seeking). You do not have to explain the purpose of the request)#
  • You can do this by writing to: Information Governance Manager, Business Services Organisation, 2 Franklin Street, Belfast, BT2 8DQ or email to:
  • We will provide a response within 40 working days. If we require an extension, we will contact you to explain why.
  • Information about children may be released to a person with parental responsibility. However, the best interests of the child will always be considered.
  • The Act only applies to personal information about a living individual. Information about deceased individuals is available through through other legislation, such as the Access to Health Records Act.

Data Protection Act :

General Data Protection Regulation :

Stage 1 – Internal Review

If you are unhappy with the response to your request for information under the Data Protection Act or the Freedom of Information Act then you have the right to request an internal review of the decision within 2 months of the issue of the response letter. You can do this by writing to: Information Governance Manager, Business Services Organisation, 2 Franklin Street, Belfast, BT2 8DQ or via email to:  

Stage 2 – Appeal

If, following an internal review, carried out by an independent decision making panel, you remain dissatisfied in any way with the handling of the request, you may make a complaint under section 50 of the Freedom of Information Act, to the Information Commissioner's Office and ask that they investigate whether the BSO has complied with the terms of the Freedom of Information Act.

You can contact Information Commissioner at:


Phone: 0303 123 1113


Post: Information Commissioner's Office                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

3rd Floor, 14 Cormac Place



In most circumstances the Information Commissioner will not investigate a complaint unless an internal review procedure has been carried out. However the commissioner has the option to investigate the matter at his discretion.

The NISCC’s disclosure log lists our responses to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. We do not publish every response, but have focused on topics which we feel may be of wider public interest.

Please note: Our responses were accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of release, and have not subsequently been updated. This information should be considered a historical record only. Personal details such as names and addresses (both postal and email) have been removed to protect requesters' privacy.
Click on the links in the left column of the table below to view a copy of our response to the information request.

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NISCC Data Protection Statement

June 2016

The Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC) is responsible for registering social workers and social care workers, for regulating their education, training and practice and for investigating and dealing with complaints about the conduct of social workers and social care workers.

The NISCC processes your personal data (as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998) for the following purposes:

• Administering your application to register with the NISCC and any subsequent renewals;
• Maintaining and publishing the NISCC Public Facing Register, which will include your name, profession, registration number and approximate location of employment;
• Undertaking regulatory activities for the purposes of the Health and Personal Social Services Act (Northern Ireland) 2001;
• Ensuring that you comply with our standards, including but not limited to, ensuring compliance with continuing professional development and educational requirements;
• Investigating complaints made about you;
• Investigating complaints made by you;
• Publishing the results of any complaints made about you or by you;
• Transferring your personal data to any other authorised body investigating your activities;
• Transferring your personal data to professional advisers and other third parties involved with the regulation of health and care professionals;
• Statutory and regulatory compliance;
• Monitoring equality and diversity information;
• Reviewing your medical records and history, including but not limited to any medical reference supplied, to ensure that your health does not impair your fitness to practice;
• Maintaining photographic images of you to ensure your identity;
• Communicating with you about the activities of the NISCC;
• Keeping you informed about any changes to practice or legislation that may affect your practice;
• Responding to requests for information from other regulators, both within the European Economic Area and worldwide;
• Keeping you informed about any developments, activities or products of third parties which may affect or assist your practice; and
• Achieving the general and statutory objectives of the NISCC.

Collecting Your Data
We collect personal information from you when you communicate with us by any media. We may also collect personal data which relate to you from third parties.

Contacting You
We may contact you by means of electronic communications, including but not limited to email or SMS for the purposes set out above. We will only undertake activities considered to be electronic marketing if permitted to do so by the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

Sensitive Personal Data
Certain personal information is categorised in the Data Protection Act 1998 as ‘Sensitive Personal Data’. In some circumstances, the NISCC will process your sensitive personal data. We are required to hold such data by the Health and Personal Social Services Act (Northern Ireland) 2001 and therefore we do not need to obtain your consent to undertake this processing. In general, the sensitive personal data collected by the NISCC is limited to information in connection with:

• Your racial or ethnic origin;
• Your physical or mental health or condition;
• Your membership of a trade union;
• The commission or alleged commission by you of any offence;
• Any proceeding taken against you for any offence committee or alleged to have been committed by you; and
• Your sexual life.

The NISCC is required to provide statistical information to a number of different bodies and it also may undertake its own research. In such circumstances it only provides anonymised data.

Permitted Processing
The NISCC ensures that it is permitted to process your personal data. If no statutory condition applies to the form of processing we undertake, we can only undertake such processing with your consent. You may withdraw your consent to our processing your personal data for some of the above purposes by writing to the address at the end of this statement.

If a statutory condition applies allowing the NISCC to process your personal data and you withdraw consent to process your personal data, this will not necessarily mean that NISCC ceases to process your personal data as the NISCC keeps personal data on registrants for their lifetime.

Sharing Your Information
In some circumstances the NISCC may be permitted by law to share sensitive personal data about you with a third party. Otherwise the NISCC does not share sensitive personal data with others without your consent. Your personal data may be shared as set out in the above purposes.

European Economic Area (EEA)
Please note that information displayed on our Website or sent by the NISCC over the internet may be transferred outside of the EEA, where data protection laws are not as strong as within the EEA. The information displayed on the website is provided as it is necessary for the public interest. In relation to any information you send via the internet or email, if you have any concerns in relation to such transfers, you should not use the internet or email as a means of communication with the NISCC.

Monitoring of Telephone Calls and Emails
Your telephone calls and emails to us may be recorded and monitored for quality control purposes. We may also intercept communications made to individual members of staff at the NISCC when this is required for business purposes.

Your Rights under the Data Protection Act 1998
The NISCC is registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner and data supplied by you on this form will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. The NISCC’s ICO registration number is ZA008052.

The personal information that we have used to make a decision about your registration is kept to enable us to regulate the social services workforce, and protect and enhance the safety and welfare of all persons who may use care services. It is kept for the duration of your registration. Where your registration comes to an end, we will keep your personal information for your lifetime plus 10 years, as per Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety agreed Retention and Disposal Schedule for records.

Access to information
You are entitled to ask the NISCC for a copy of the data we hold about you. Your request must be in writing, by letter or email.

Further Advice
If you have any queries relating to this statement, please contact us by writing to the following address:

Northern Ireland Social Care Council
7th floor of Millennium House
19 Great Victoria Street
Belfast BT2 7AQ


The National Fraud Initiative (NFI) matches electronic data within and between Public and Private Sector Bodies to prevent and detect fraud. The NFI matches data from 1,300 public sector and 77 private sector organisations, including audit bodies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, government departments and other agencies. It flags up inconsistencies in the information that indicate a fraud, an error or an overpayment may have taken place, signaling the need for review and potential investigation.
NISCC is required to submit data to (NFI) on a regular basis with the next planned matching exercise taking place over the coming months. Data matching involves comparing sets of data, such as the payroll or benefits records of a body, against other records held by the same or another body to see how far they match. This allows potentially fraudulent claims and payments to be identified.

Please note that key payroll data and personal identifiers such as contact details may be provided to bodies responsible for auditing, administering public funds or where undertaking a public function for the purposes of preventing and detecting fraud.

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