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Frequently asked Questions

What is the process for paying my fee online?

You should have received a ‘Registration Reminder’ email from us containing a pay your fee link. Click on the link and follow the prompt for login. After login you will land on the fee page where the payment fee due for you will appear. Follow the easy, step by step instructions to make payment. Or visit the portal directly, enter your login details and navigate to the yellow title named ‘Fees’. If a fee is not present you need to complete your renewal form which is available under the renewal button. Once you submit this form the system will automatically generate the fee which can be paid on line from the fee button.

How do I access the Social Care Council portal?

You can access your account at: or via our website

What if I can’t remember my password?

If you are unable to access your account or require either a username or password reset please use the reset functionality on the portal. For login or a password reset, you will require your username and email address that you have previously provided to the Social Care Council. Your employer now has access to your email and username and can share this with you. Please note this does not breach data protection. Remember to keep your password safe and do not share.

What is the cost of my registration fee?

It’s important you pay your fee on time. If for some reason you haven’t paid your fee the Social Care Council will issue a final notice requesting the fee. If you do not pay the outstanding fee you are at risk of being removed from the Register. Please note you will remain registered during this fee collection period.

When will my next annual fee be due?

For those registrants who have been on the register for some time, your registration date will remain the same each year and therefore payment will be due again on the anniversary of your registration date in 2021. For those new registrants or emergency registrant who wish to remain on the register, your registration date will be the 1st October each year and your annual fee will be due on or before this date.

What if I no longer wish to be registered to work in Social Work or Social Care?

If you no longer intend to work in social work or social care please notify the Social Care Council that you wish to be removed from the Register. You will find a Voluntary Removal Form under the tab ‘My Portal’. You can also contact us through your online account: or by email:

What payment methods are available?

Payment online is the main method of annual fee payment. Where registrants cannot pay online we are providing an alternative dedicated phone line option from Monday to Friday, 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm. Please call: 02895 362600

What features are available on the new portal?

We have listened to your feedback and worked hard to create an improved customer experience online. Applying for and renewing your registration, paying your fee and updating your details is straightforward and set out in easy to follow steps. You can access the portal anytime, anywhere and from a range of digital devices.

Who can l contact for assistance?

The Social Care Council team is working remotely and responding promptly to all queries. For assistance please follow the guides and steps. If you require assistance email:

What is the 6 month grace period and how does this apply to registering as a social care worker?

If you are new to social care, this means if you have never worked in a registered social care role before, you will need to apply for registration as soon as you take up the post and must achieve registration within six months of taking up that post.