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Registration Fee


Social Care Workers, Social Workers and Social Work Students must pay an application fee when applying for the first time for Social Care Council registration. An annual fee must be paid to maintain registration. The fee amount will vary according to job type.

Paying your Registration Fee

Social Care Worker£30
Social Care Manager£65
Social Worker £65
Internationally Qualified Social Worker£350 for first application & £65 for subsequent annual fees
Social Work Student£20

Making your payment

Fees should be paid through your online registration account at using your debit or credit card.

I Require Voluntary Removal from the Register

If you leave the social care workforce permanently you should update your employment information via your online portal account and request voluntary removal from the Register.  This will end your registration and will also ensure that should you need to Register again in future, you will not be subject to payment of any fees which were outstanding at the time of removal.

It will be the responsibility of any social care worker or social worker to ensure that they re-apply and are confirmed as registered again before returning to work following a period of removal from the Register.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for the processing of a new application which will carry the standard fee for the Register part to which you are applying.

Voluntary removal may be applied for via your online portal account at ‘Request Removal from the Register’ or by emailing your request to

Tax relief

HM Revenue and Customs has agreed that the registrant fee payable to the Social Care Council is tax deductible and may be claimed by Registrants on their tax return or by application to their tax office. Standard Rate Tax Payers may claim 20% of their Council Annual Fee/Renewal Fee as a tax deduction. The tax deduction will normally be made by an amendment to your tax code. Further information and claim forms are available here.

There are three different ways of claiming tax relief for the expenditure:

If you receive a tax return, relief can be claimed on that return by detailing the amount paid to the Social Care Council. Relief will be granted for the tax year in which the payment was made

Write to your own tax office. It is important that you include your National Insurance Number (for identification on the HM Revenue and Customs computer), along with the amount, name of payee ie NISCC and date of payment

Complete Tax Form P358 from your local tax enquiry office and complete it as above (remembering the National Insurance Number is important). You should then send it to your tax office and relief should be given. If registrants have particular problems they should refer them to their own tax office