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Lunchtime Seminars Resources

Missed a Lunchtime Seminar or want to revisit something you missed during a presentation?

On this page you’ll find recordings, videos and presentations from our Lunchtime Seminars. If you wish to attend future seminars find out more by visiting our Events Page.

*Not all seminars are recorded
**The presentations remain the property of the organisation/presenter(s) and cannot be used by anyone else

2024 Lunchtime Seminars

Promoting quality supervision in social work –
The Social Work (NI) Supervision Policy 2024

Presented by Aine Morrison, Chief Social Worker, Department of Health – Susan Ritchie, Professional Social Work Officer, Department of Health – Dr Paula McFadden, Senior Social Work Lecturer, Ulster University – Maria Emilsson, Principal Social Worker, Western Trust – Marian O’Rourke, Director of Regulation & Standards, the Social Care Council

Social Work (NI) Supervision Policy 2024

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A New Script for Mental Health: From stigma
and silence to storytelling and solidarity!

Presented by Lisa Morrison, Participation and Practice of Rights

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2023 Lunchtime Seminars

Hourglass: A Unique Service for
Older Victim-Survivors of abuse

Presented by Sarah Browne, Trustee of Hourglass, and Veronica Gray, Deputy CEO and Director of Policy of Hourglass

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Female Genital Mutilation: Understanding
the problem to improve future healthcare

Presented by Grace McAleer, Staff Nurse, Open University / Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

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Being compassionately with people in distress:
An important conversation on suicide,
self harm and safety planning

Presented by Lisa Morrison, Lisa Morrison Training and Consultancy and Deirdre McKenna, Social Worker

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Applying the peer learning bubble model with
voluntary sector social work students
in Northern Ireland

Presented by Dr Denise MacDermott, Senior Lecturer and Subject Lead of Social Work, Ulster University and Caoimhe Harkin-MacDermott, Practice Learning Centre Manager, Bryson Care. With contributions from students from Ulster University, Queen’s University Belfast and Open University

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You can access The Peer Learning Bubble Model by clicking the link: The Peer Learning Bubble Model

Launch of Reflections: Family Support

Presented by Patricia Higgins, Chief Executive, Northern Ireland Social Care Council, Peter May, Permanent Secretary, Department of Health (DoH), Aine Morrison, Chief Social Worker, DoH, Helen Dunn, Professional Adviser Family Support (retired), DoH and Mandi MacDonald, Senior Lectuerer, Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), Marc Bailie, Policy Officer, DoH, Una Lernihan, Programme Manager, Strategic Planning and Performance Group, Melanie Stone, Centre for Effective Services, Claire Humphrey, Children’s Services Manager, Bernardo’s

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You can access the Reflections Family Support document by clicking the link: Reflections: Family Support document

You can watch the Reflections Family Support video by clicking the link: Reflections: Family Support video

Health and social care workers’ quality of working life and coping while working during the COVID-19 pandemic: May 2020-March 2023 Phase 6 Results

Presented by Dr Paula McFadden, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Ulster University (UU), Ms Susan McGrory, Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing, UU and Dr Rachel Naylor, Lecturer in Social Work, UU

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08th February 2023 – Working in Partnership with the LGBTQIA+ Population

What Social Workers need to know.

Presented by: Danielle Mackle, Queen’s University Belfast

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24th January 2023 – Family Voices in Decision Making – Independence in Action

Presented by: Paula McCann, Northern Health and Social Care Trust, Family Group Conference Service. Julie Allen and Kim Leebody, Belfast and South Eastern Trust. Davina Clements, Barnardos’ (Southern Trust)

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17th January 2023 – Happy New Year? Poverty and the current cost of living crisis: The role of Social Work

Presented by: Darren Strawbridge, Professional Social Work Officer, Department of Health. Professor Ann-Marie Gray, Professor of Social Policy, University of Ulster. Peter Bryson, Head of Country, Save the Children. Kevin Higgins, Head of Policy, Advice NI. Anne Mallon, Carer and Co-Chair of the Social Care Council Participation Partnership. Andy McClenaghan, Public Affairs, Policy and Communication Lead, British Association Of Social Workers


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11th January 2023 – Continuing Professional Development in Social Work and Social Care Work

Presented by: Jacqueline McGarry, Workforce Learning Development Improvement Service Coordinator, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust and Robby Nelson, Learning and Improvement Team, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust 

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2022 Lunchtime Seminars

06th December 2022 – Homeless Prevention – Changing the Conversation

Presented by: Declan Morris, Extern and Paul Fleming, Northern Ireland Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders (NIACRO), Co-Chairs Homelessness Prevention Forum

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09th November 2022 – Operation Encompass

Presented by: James Draper, Operation Encompass Project Lead, Education Authority

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17th October 2022 – HSC COVID-19 Workforce Wellbeing and Coping Study Phase 5 Results

Presented by: Dr Paula McFadden and Dr Patricia Gillen, Ulster University

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28th June 2022 – Social Care and Social Work – What Impacts on Being Able to do It Well?

Presented by Ray Jones, Children’s Social Care Services Northern Ireland

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20th June 2022 – Shining a Light on Social Work and Co-Production – A Call to Action

Presented by: Ray Hamilton, Joanne Sansome, Jane McCullogh, Jean Reynolds, Brendan McKeever, Eileen McKay, Avery Bowser and Joe Duffy, Ph.D

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18th May 2022 – The Benefits of Using “MoneyHelper” when Engaging with Young People and their Carers

Presented by: Margaret McCloskey, Partnership Manager, Northern Ireland Money and Pensions Service

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10th May 2022 – Communication with Older Deaf Sign Language Users

Presented by: Mariette Mulvenna, Development Officer, RNID

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26th April 2022 – Loneliness: The Role of Social Work

Presented by: Prof. Roger O’Sullivan, Tony-Lee Watson, Lorraine Conlon, Darren Strawbridge, Mairead Harkin and Mandy Cowden

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28th March 2022 – Voices from child and family Social Work: What difference can a systemic approach make?

Presented by: Suzanne Mooney (QUB) Stephen Coulter (QUB) Jennifer McKinney (WHSCT) Dione McGuigan (SHSCT) Tara Murphy (SHSCT) Megan Quinn (BHSCT) Karen Bowd (SEHSCT)

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9th March 2022 – The Relevance of the Tavistock Model of Infant and Child Observation to Social Work Practice

Presented by: Gertie Doonan and Dr Deirdre Meehan Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust  

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23rd Feb 2022 – Challenges and Opportunities when working with Mothers who Misuse Substances and Implications for the Care System

Hosted by Dept. of Health and presented by Sharon Stevens (SCIE ) , Dr. Anne Campbell (QUB), Jacqueline Nichollson (PBNI), Cathal Mullan (Barnardos), Nuala Power ( PAUSE NHSCT)

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13th Jan 2021 – Trauma Informed Practice across the System

Presented by Sheina Rigg – Safeguarding Board for NI

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9th Feb 2021 – Trauma & Relationships in Adoption & Fostering

Presented by Fiona Templeton, Elizabeth Lyttle and Laura Butler

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25th Feb 2021 – HSC COVID-19 Workforce Wellbeing and Coping Study Phase 2 results

Presented by Dr Paula McFadden, Dr Patricia Gillen and Dr John Moriarty

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11th Mar 2021 – Coproduction: Does training lead to any real change and the challenges in social work practice

Presented by Patricia Burns and Sonia Patton

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19th May 2021 – The influence of paramilitarism in Northern Ireland on the recognition of child sexual exploitation in young males

Presented by Dr Jacqui Montgomery-Devlin

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22nd Jun 2021 – Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice: Service Adaptation and Learning from COVID-19

Presented by Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice Family Support Team

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Additional Videos Playlist

29th Jun 2021 – Self Directed Support, Direct Payments & Supporting Personal Assistant Employers

Presented by Deena Nimick, Chris Meneilly and Megan Leschinsky

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28th Sep 2021 – Mental Capacity Act Developments

Presented by Phil Hughes, MBE Professional Advisor for Mental Capacity Act; Karen Harvey, RQIA; Diane Williams Implementation Officer NHSCT and Steph Kerr, Service Manager, Mental Capacity Act, BHSCT

12th Oct 2021 – COVID – Delivering Person Centred Support Services for Children with a Disability and their Families in Times of Risk, Change and Uncertainty

Presented by Marc Irwin, Operational Manager Short Breaks and Social Work/Social Care Professional Lead (A&D)

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23rd Nov 2021 – Health and social care workers’ quality of working life and coping while working during the COVID-19 pandemic: May-July 2021 Phase 3 Results

7th Dec 2021 – Resourcing Northern Ireland’s Social Care workforce to support people with grief and bereavement: Launch of Grief and Bereavement Resource

13th Dec 2021 – Mental Capacity Act Developments

Presented by Phil Hughes, MBE Professional Advisor for Mental Capacity Act; Karen Harvey, RQIA; Diane Williams Implementation Officer NHSCT and Steph Kerr, Service Manager, Mental Capacity Act, BHSCT

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19th Oct 2020 – Mainstreaming Community Development in Social Work

Presented by Social Work Candidates from 2018-19 Community Development Approaches Programme, SHSCT

Download the Presentations:

17th Nov 2020 – Potential Impediments to the Recognition of the Sexual Exploitation of Young Males under the age of 18

Presented by Dr Jacqui Montgomery-Devlin, currently Head of Safeguarding for the Presbyterian Church in Ireland

Watch the Seminar:

2nd Dec 2020 – Introduction to Belfast Recovery College

Presented by Michael McGowan, John Morgan and Thomas Fisher