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Hearing Outcomes


Fitness to Practise decisions can be made by the Fitness to Practise (FtP) Committee or by consensual disposal.  The FtP Committee is made up of independent panel members who make decisions on the allegations, based on the evidence presented, at private and public hearings, whereas consensual disposal decisions  are made outside of a hearing environment and usually with the agreement of the Registrant.  To find out more about when it might be appropriate to make a final decision through consensual disposal rather than a hearing see the Consensual Disposal Guidance.

Active and archived decisions taken under the Fitness to Practise Rules (and previous Conduct Rules) are available in the table below. A copy of the decisions is available online for a set time period according to our Disclosure Policy for Hearings & Decisions.

DeterminationTimescale for Access Online
Admonishment (replaced by ‘Warning’ under FTP process )Until Expiry
WarningUntil Expiry
Conditions of Practice OrderUntil Expiry
Suspension OrderUntil Expiry
Removal OrderFor five years from the date of imposition
Successful AppealsFor one month
Facts not Found or Misconduct not FoundFor one month

Further information is also available in Active Interim Orders and Upcoming Hearings. If you have a concern relating to a hearing, please contact the Fitness to Practise Team in confidence:

NameDateDecision/OrderDecision Made by
Richard Henry Barber
Registration no. 6032582
Social Care Worker
22/09/2020Removal by Agreement
Download Details
Wendy Ann Peden
Registration no. 6028156
Social Care Worker
Download Details