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Active Interim Orders


In cases where a Committee considers that allowing a registrant to continue practising in their current role would be a significant risk to the public, the Social Care Council may apply to a Preliminary Proceedings Committee for an Interim Conditions of Practice Order (ICPO) or Interim Suspension Order ISO). Preliminary Proceedings Committees are not held in public.  

If you have a query relating to an ISO, please contact the  Fitness to Practise Team in confidence:

Interim Conditions of Practice Order (ICPO)

An Interim Conditions of Practice Order (ICPO) temporarily places conditions upon a Registrant’s registration while the investigation is taking place. A Registrant will be able to continue working while the ICPO is in place, however, there will be conditions on his / her practice. The type of conditions that could be imposed may be:

to undertake specific training within a defined period and provide evidence of the successful completion of that training to the Social Care Council;
to provide the Social Care Council with a monthly report signed by his / her employer confirming that he / she is complying with a relevant requirement , e.g. not undertaking a particular activity without supervision; adhering to employer policies and procedures.

An ICPO may be set for any length of time (but only up to six months initially), with set review periods during its term, and cannot be imposed for more than two years in total. The Committee may decide, based on the information from the Social Care Council and the Registrant, that the Registrant’s fitness to practise may be impaired and that it should therefore be referred to a Fitness to Practise Committee to make a final decision on the matter.

Interim Suspension Order (ISO)

If we consider that the information received shows that a Registrant may pose a risk to the public, colleagues, or service users, or that it is in the public interest, or in the interest of a Registrant, it can recommend that the Committee imposes an Interim Suspension Order (ISO). An ISO suspends a registered worker from the Register on a temporary basis while the case is being investigated. It means that:

a Registrant will be unable to work in a role that requires Registration whilst the Order is in place.
a Social Worker will be unable to work as or call himself / herself a registered social worker or work in a role which requires registration while the Order is active.
a Social Care Manager or a Social Care Worker will not be able to work in a role which requires a registrant to be registered with the Social Care Council while the Order is active.
a Social Work Student will be suspended from their course while the Order is active.

An ISO may be set for any length of time (but only up to six months initially), with set review periods during its term, and cannot be imposed for more than two years in total except in exceptional circumstances, for example, where a criminal conviction case is on-going.

All active Interim Suspension Orders and Interim Conditions of Practice Orders are published in this section of the website.

Alan William Johnston
Registration no. 6014929
Social Care Worker
11/05/2020Interim Suspension Order
Alexandra McKenna-Roy
Registration no. 6024997
Social Care Worker
26/05/2022Interim Suspension Order
Anna Marie Low
Registration no. 7006506
Social Care Worker
07/01/2022Interim Suspension Order
Caoimhe McCotter
Registration no. 7008320
Social Care Worker
12/04/2021Interim Suspension Order
Caroline Curran
Registration no. 6029830
Social Care Worker
04/05/2020Interim Suspension Order
Charlene Pickering
Registration no. 7000864
Social Care Worker
29/04/2022Interim Suspension Order
Clare McLaughlin
Registration no. 7011098
Social Care Worker
13/05/2022Interim Suspension Order
Conor Paul Steele
Registration no. 6004089
Social Worker
22/07/2021Interim Suspension Order
Daniel Bell
Registration no. 7012686
Social Care Worker
24/06/2021Interim Suspension Order
Daryl Gerald Paul Fox
Registration no. 6028311
Social Care Worker
28/04/2022Interim Suspension Order
David Moxon
Registration no. 7015980
Social Care Worker
21/01/2022Interim Suspension Order
Deirdre Rose Fox
Registration no. 6018058
Social Care Worker
06/02/2020Interim Suspension Order
Emil Piszczek
Registration no. 6028306
Social Care Worker
06/01/2022Interim Suspension Order
Glenn Mark Walker
Registration no. 7006286
Social Care Worker
26/05/2022Interim Suspension Order
Jennifer Mary Dixon
Registration no. 7000230
Social Care Worker
03/09/2021Interim Suspension Order
Jonathan Ritchie
Registration no. 6039694
Social Care Worker
08/10/2019Interim Suspension Order
Louise Barkley
Registration no. 2091652
Social Care Worker
09/07/2020Interim Suspension Order
Lynsey Anne Patton
Registration no. 6036910
Social Care Worker
16/11/2020Interim Suspension Order
Megan Cooke
Registration no. 7004559
Social Care Worker
29/04/2021Interim Suspension Order
Michael Gerard Curoe
Registration no. 6032700
Social Care Worker
11/03/2021Interim Suspension Order
Orla Marie Morrison
Registration no. 6008548
Social Worker
08/07/2021Interim Suspension Order
Peter Doyle
Registration no. 6002277
Social Care Worker
26/11/2021Interim Suspension Order
Peter William James Gorman
Registration no. 6033113
Social Care Worker
23/11/2020Interim Suspension Order
Sarah Catherine Vance
Registration no. 7003955
Social Care Worker
23/04/2020Interim Suspension Order
Shaun Lynch
Registration no. 7002978
Social Care Worker
09/07/2021Interim Suspension Order
Tara Louise Mary O'Kane
Registration no. 2016872
Social Care Worker
10/09/2021Interim Suspension Order
Valerie Neilsa Wilkinson
Registration no. 2011481
Social Care Worker
21/05/2021Interim Suspension Order