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Registration Matters


All Social Workers, Social Work Students and Social Care Workers employed in Northern Ireland must be registered with the Social Care Council. Visit ‘My Portal’ to: create a new account, pay a fee, renew, update personal details and record Post Registration Training and Learning (PRTL) anytime, anywhere using any device.

*Guidance for Internationally Qualified Social Workers (IQSW) is detailed below.

Launched Thursday 1st October 2020 our new portal will make it easier and faster for you to register, pay your fee and keep your details up to date – all within a few clicks.

Click here for guidance on how to use the New Portal.

New Applicants

Employers will support new applicants to create their Social Care Council Online Portal account and submit their application form. If you are new to social care you will be expected to complete your application as part of your induction in your new role. For more information on using the Portal, see below.

Internationally Qualified Social Workers (IQSW)

Internationally Qualified Social Workers applying for first time registration with the Social Care Council are unable to use the Online Portal for an application. and should continue to use the paper application form. They will be able to use the Online Portal once their registration is approved. 

Guidance on Social Care Council registration, working and living in Northern Ireland  is available here.

Registration Guidelines

We manage each application according to the guidelines set out in the Registration Rules. This is to confirm your suitability to work safely in social care or social work. If you need advice about registering; if you are unable to use the online service because of your disability, or if you do not have access to a computer please contact our Registration Team for support and assistance. The team can be contacted by email at:


An application to register will be processed within  6-8 weeks from submission, although this is dependent on timely completion of endorsement and the process may take longer if there are issues which require additional assessment, such as a criminal record, disciplinary record, or mental/physical ill health.

I Require Voluntary Removal from the Register

If you leave the social care workforce permanently you should update your employment information via your online portal account and request voluntary removal from the Register.  This will end your registration and will also ensure that should you need to Register again in future, you will not be subject to payment of any fees which were outstanding at the time of removal.

It may also be appropriate for you to apply for voluntary removal from the Register if you are taking a break from working in social care for a prolonged period of time; perhaps you are off work due to long term illness, have taken a career break or whilst on maternity leave.

If you are considering voluntary removal whilst still employed, we would advise you to check with your employer if this will be appropriate for you in your circumstances.  Qualified Social Workers who are technically still employed during maternity leave or whilst on a career break, may be required to maintain their registration in order to comply with the terms of their employment. Qualified Social Workers who are registered subject to conditions ie Assessed Year in Employment (AYE) or to completing PiP (Professional in Practice) requirements, will have the remaining duration of these compliances reinstated upon return to the Register following a period of removal.

It will be the responsibility of any social care worker or social worker to ensure that they re-apply and are confirmed as registered again before returning to work following a period of removal from the Register.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for the processing of a new application which will carry the standard fee for the Register part to which you are applying.

Voluntary removal may be applied for via your online portal account at ‘Request Removal from the Register’ or by emailing your request to

Your Registration Data

The Social Care Council is registered with the Information Commissioner and data supplied by you will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. We electronically store the information you provide which will be retained according to our data retention and deletion policy.

Please note your data will be archived when we close your application or when you leave the Register. By submitting your application you consent to the processing of your personal data as described in the Social Care Council Data Protection Statement.