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Introducing BASW's Mentoring Service

13 November 2020

BASW NI’s new Mentoring Service is an independent, confidential listening and support space established to help members build confidence, take better control of the issues that are affecting them on a day-to-day basis and become more motivated and effective in their roles.

Participants will be matched with volunteer mentors who are experienced social workers registered as Independent members of BASW. Initially, the service will be aimed at social workers currently in AYE, including those who qualified earlier than expected, social workers who have returned to practice after extended absence and social workers transitioning into their first management roles.

Support will be provided via online video platforms and/or by phone and each support session will last a maximum of one hour. Members will be offered a maximum of three support sessions in any three-month period.

The BASW NI Mentoring Service is in addition to, and independent of, normal work based supervision and management arrangements. The service does not replace those, nor is it intended to infringe upon them and all case based discussion must take place within the appropriate management structures.

For more information and to register as a mentee please visit