PRTL Audit

Each year, the Social Care Council audits the PRTL activities undertaken by all registrants. A random sample of registrants is selected to submit a copy of their Learning and Development Plan and their Record of Activity containing information on how they have met the PRTL requirements.

The Audit Process

  1. Audit request is sent to the registrant with 90 day timescale for submission. Registrants who do not submit within the timescale may be referred to a Registration Committee.
  2. Assessment of Learning and Development (PRTL) against the PRTL requirements and criteria. If the requirements have not been met, we will contact the registrant to discuss gaps and a timescale for re-submission. Only one resubmission is allowed.
  3. Assessment Focus is on the outcomes of your PRTL activity e.g. the change it has made to individual practice, or the difference it has made to service users.
  4. Audit Exemption may be granted if a registrant is selected for audit and they have completed a relevant qualification within the current registration period. The exemption only applies to that particular audit. Certificated evidence of the relevant qualification will be requested.
  5. Automatic Audit Selection is applied to registrants who have deferred* on the previous audit or have had relevant PRTL conditions placed on their registration.

*Deferral due to exceptional circumstances
We will consider requests for deferral of PRTL due to exceptional circumstances and in accordance with the Social Care Council's Registration Rules. If you think you will be unable to complete your PRTL due to exceptional circumstances you should contact the Council's registration team at least 20 days before your renewal is due.

Tips for submititng your PRTL Audit Submission

  • Be accurate - make sure facts, dates and other details are correct
  • Present your material clearly - correct spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Include a summary of your job role e.g. job description
  • Your Learning and Development Plan should be detailed and meaningful to your current role
  • Summary of training activity you have completed must demonstrate how it relates to your job role
  • Show evidence that service user outcomes are central to your work
  • Provide evidence of how you have used your learning and development to improve your practice
  • Evaluate the benefits your PRTL has brought to your practice and the service you work in
  • Provide evidence of how service user are involved in your learning and development
  • Include any examples of innovative or new practice you have helped develop

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