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National Occupational Standards for Social Work – 2011

The National Occupational Standards for Social Work (NOS) were revised in 2011 and are published by the UK Commission for Education and Skills. The consultation exercise included people who use services, carers, employers, practitioners, government officials, representatives from further and higher education and from professional bodies.

Revised in 2011.

Transforming Community Care – European Social Services Awards 2020

Find out more about each of the European Social Service Awards 2020 and its winners, including the Northern Ireland Social Care Council for “Best Team Award”.

Published in February 2021.

Voices of Social Work Through The Troubles

This research project undertaken in 2017–2018 explores the vital role social workers played during The Troubles in Northern Ireland (1969–1998), a subject previously unexamined in such a focused and rigorous manner.

Published in 7th February 2019.

Relationships Matter

An analysis of complaints about social workers to the Northern Ireland Social Care Council and the Patient and Client Council.

Published in December 2018.

Social Care Matters

Challenges and Opportunities for the Social Care workforce in Northern Ireland.

Published in October 2017.

Assessing the Economic Value of the Adult Social Care Sector in Northern Ireland

This independent evaluation has been produced to help establishments within the sector inform policy makers about the contribution of the Adult Social Care sector to the local economy.

Published in July 2017.