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I am an Employer or Manager


If you are an employer or manager needing to make a referral about a registrant please see our Standard of Acceptance for guidance.


At times we may take immediate protective measures to stop a registrant from working or to restrict their practice.  In serious cases it may be necessary for us to act quickly.  Even if the risk is not immediate, timely referrals are important to enable our investigation to obtain best evidence.  In most cases, if a referral is not deemed high risk the Social Care Council will await the outcome of any external investigation processes to be concluded.  This may include an employer disciplinary process or safeguarding investigation. 

We cannot

It is important that our approach is risk based and proportionate. Our referral criteria and threshold for investigation is specified in the Standard of Acceptance.  Some matters are more appropriately dealt with by an employer.  We do not need to be told about:

Lateness or poor time keeping (unless this has a direct impact on service users).
Personality conflicts, provided there is no evidence of bullying or harassment.
Sickness or other absence from work, provided there is no impairment of fitness to practise and the registrant is managing his or her health.


Where a registrant has been dismissed, regardless of any intention to appeal.
Where a registrant resigns during a disciplinary investigation.
Where the employer becomes aware of a criminal charge or conviction against the registrant.
In any other circumstances which the employer feels may have a bearing on the registrant’s registration.

Where a registrant has been suspended or redeployed as a precautionary measure, we will only require a referral where:

The matter is assessed to be high risk (where immediate protective measures need to be put in place).
There is an ongoing adult safeguarding and/or police investigation.
The registrant is known to have more than one social care employer.

It is important that all referrals are fully completed with as much information as possible.  Please also include any key documentation for consideration.  Throughout the course of an investigation communication with the Social Care Council is critical and updates should be provided to us regularly. Please ensure you provide information in a timely manner.

EMPLOYER REFERRAL FORM – to be submitted preferably by


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