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The Social Care Council at the DIAL Centre

18 February 2020

In conjunction with the North West Regional College the Northern Ireland Social Care Council (Social Care Council) was delighted to facilitate an exciting and innovative interactive learning and development event on 13 February to promote technology as an enabler to personal development and learning.

This event assisted participants to be aware of current and potential Assistive Technologies and to engage with the Social Care Council’s digital Learning Zone.

In addition to 4 short presentations participants had the opportunity to tour the DIAL Centre (Design, Innovation and Assistive Living Centre) located at the North West Regional College. These tours included demonstrations of developments in assistive technology.

Speaking of the event, Declan McAllister, Director of Registration and Corporate Services at the Social Care Council, said:

‘It was a privilege to present Social Care and Technology at this event. By 2030 digitalisation will be a big part of how Social Care is delivered and one of the goals of our learning and engagement strategy is to support the development of a digitally enabled and ready workforce’

Mervyn Bothwell, Professional Adviser at the Social Care Council said:

‘I’m really impressed on how much care and support will change as more people are digitally competent, the DIAL Centre is a very valuable resource for the social care workforce and we are glad to have partnered up with them to deliver this event’