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Virtual Dementia Tour

17 February 2020

The Northern Ireland Social Care Council (Social Care Council) in partnership with the Public Health Agency is bringing the Virtual Dementia Tour to Northern Ireland.

Facilitated by Training 2 Care UK (Ltd), the Virtual Dementia Tour is an innovative dementia learning event which will provide social care workers the opportunity to experience what dementia might be like and help improve practice and person-centred care.

During the experience a trained facilitator will guide participants fitted with patented devices that alter their senses while they try to complete common everyday tasks and exercises.

Learning outcomes

After taking part on the Virtual Dementia Tour, the social care worker will be able to:

• Explain some of the physical and sensory changes that a person living with dementia may experience.

• Explain how the environment can help or hinder a person living with dementia

• Describe ways to make the environment conducive for someone living with dementia

• Identify ways to improve communication for people living with dementia

• Understand the importance of person-centred care and approaches for people living with dementia

• Understand how to challenge stereotyping and labelling of people living with dementia

• Relate to how a person with dementia may feel in an unfamiliar environment and identify ways to support the person.

• Describe ways that care and support staff can change their practice to improve the lives of people living with dementia and help them achieve positive outcomes

• Explain the importance for people with dementia to have meaningful activities and are supported in an inclusive environment.

• Describe ways to promote dignity and respect for people living with dementia

The Virtual Dementia Tour will visit all 5 Health & Social Care Trust areas in Northern Ireland and is open for all registered social care workers. 

Available dates are:

• Omagh [Western Trust] – 02 March 2020 (fully booked -join the waitlist here)

• Banbridge [Southern Trust] – 03 March 2020 (fully booked – join the waitlist here)

• Antrim [Northern Trust] – 04 March 2020 (fully booked – join the waitlist here)

• Lisburn [South Eastern Trust] – 05 March 2020 (fully booked)

• Belfast [Belfast Trust] – 06 March 2020 (fully booked – join the waitlist here)

For more information on upcoming events please visit:

Please note spaces are limited and if the event gets fully booked you can add your name to a waiting list to be notified if spaces become available.

For further information please contact James Edgar, Project Support Worker, Social Care Council at or on 028 9536 2976.