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We work with key partners and professionals in Northern Ireland and across the UK to ensure workforce learning and development is a key element for organisations providing social care services. The Social Care Council is a partner in the ‘Skills for Care and Development’ (SfCD) UK Alliance – the Sector Skills Council for those working in social work, social care, early years, children and young people's services. Together we are developing a workforce that is innovative, skilled and sustainable; one that fosters economic growth and sustainable communities across the UK.

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The PSS Strategy outlines plans, strategic priorities and associated policy statements for developing the social care workforce over the period 2006 – 2016. It applies to the social care and social work workforce and includes all staff working across the statutory, voluntary and independent sectors. The Social Care Council is co-ordinating workforce development partners to assess progress against the Strategy targets and to identify strategic direction for the future workforce needs.

The NI Social Work Strategy 2012-2022 sets out a framework for social work practice to support the delivery of the vision for social work which has a focus on prevention and early intervention as well as on protection and safeguarding. Click on the links below to find out more about the workstreams to implement the social work strategy; policy development and news from the Strategy Team.

Together these outline the plans to develop workforce skills and knowledge to embed the use of electronic assistive technologies in Social Care. More information is available at

This survey was carried out by Skills for Care & Develpoment to establish general perceptions of the care sector and care worker roles. It asked about people’s perceptions about the jobs needed to provide sector services, specifically care or support workers; people who work with pre-school children; and people who work as social workers.

TYC is the programme of work aimed at changing Northern Ireland’s health and social care system so that it meets our needs now and well into the future. TYC is focussed on improving the care provided for individuals and families across Northern Ireland. This means more care at home, with care workers supporting people to live as independently and healthily as possible, for as long as possible. You can find out more from the TYC website 

The Learning and Improvement Strategy sets the direction for future development of the social work and social care workforces. The aim of the Strategy is to set strategic direction for learning and development which will lead to improved outcomes for people who use services, carers and communities.


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