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Your Experience in Care Homes During COVID-19 Pandemic

08 July 2020

With the aim of introducing a more patient and client-focused approach to services and shaping future healthcare in Northern Ireland, the Public Health Agency (PHA) is carrying out an extensive piece of work across all Health and Social Care Trusts (HSCTs), called 10,000 More Voices.

As part of the Rapid Learning Initiative into the Transmission of COVID-19 within Care Homes led by the Department of Health, 10,000 More Voices has opened surveys to learn from the experience of residents, relatives and staff.

As someone connected to a Care Home in Northern Ireland we want to hear about your experience so we can identify good practice and understand what actions are required to improve your experience. The purpose of this project is to explore the experience of residents living in Care Homes and relatives & staff engaging with Care Homes.

Click here to learn more about the survey.