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Building money guidance into social work practice - Resources Available

26 March 2021

Together with the Department of Health (DoH) and the Money and Pension Service (MaPS) we hosted two successful webinars that presented attendees with practical tools, calculators and resources that could support social workers daily work with people who use services.

On this page you’ll find a video recording of the webinar, the full presentation for download and a list of useful links to support service users, whether they are facing debt or housing challenges.


1 – Debt

Before you borrowFind out if you need to borrow money and whether you can afford it. Learn how to work out the true cost of borrowing.
Taking control of debtWhere to get free debt advice, how to speak to the people you owe money to, and tips to help you pay back your debts in the right order.
Money Navigator Tool
The coronavirus restrictions have affected millions of people and things are taking a while to recover. What this means for your finances will be very personal to you.
So if you’re looking for money guidance but don’t know where to start, you’re not alone.
2 – Loans

Help with loansLearn about how personal loans work, better alternatives to payday loans, and help when borrowing from a credit union.
This section expands out to cover loan sharks, doorstep lenders, problems paying back pay day loans
3 – Credit Cards and Credit Ratings

How to check your credit score
How to improve your credit score
Paying off your credit card
Deciding on the best type of credit for you
4 – Budgetary Tools

Budget Planner
Quick Cash Finder
Savings Calculator
5 – Savings

Why it pays to save regularly
How to set a savings goal
How to choose between saving and borrowing
Children’s saving options
What if you can’t afford to save
Emergency savings – how much is enough?
Saving money to boost your budget
Should I save or pay off debt?
Inflation what the saver needs to know
Cash savings at a glance
6 – Benefits

Money manager
Make sure you’re getting the right entitlements
Benefit changes
What to do when your benefits are cut
Personal independence payment – an introduction
Claiming tax credits
Working tax credits
Benefits and tax credits when you’ve lost your job
7 – Redundancy

Claiming a tax rebate after losing your job
Managing your money if your job is at risk
Redundancy pay calculator
Your pension options if you’re made redundant
Out of work checklist things to do if you lose your job
8 – Family & Care

Maternity and paternity rights
Having a baby
When someone dies
Divorce and separation
Making a will
Talking about money
Talking your children about money
Support for carers
Care advice and help
Paying for care
Illness and disability
8 – Financial abuse

Protecting against financial abuse