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Lunchtime Seminar – The Supervision Lotus – a new tool for reflective supervision

Venue: Zoom
Date: 24th September 2024
Time: 12noon - 1.30pm

Lunchtime Seminar – The Supervision Lotus – a new tool for reflective supervision

The latest Lunchtime Seminar from the Northern Ireland Social Care Council (the Social Care Council) will be The Supervision Lotus – a new tool for reflective supervision.

Presented by Siobhan MacLean, independent social worker, author and practice teacher and Linzi Hunter, a student from Queen’s University, Belfast this session will introduce the Lotus Model. A new model of reflection designed by a neurodivergent student (Barnes 2024), it provides a physical and tactile structure for reflection.

A number of social workers have now adapted the Lotus Model for use in direct work.

As a practice teacher, Siobhan MacLean was interested in how the Lotus might provide a helpful tool for supervision and she was able to work with Linzi as a first-year student to develop the model into a supervision tool.

The positive feedback provided has helped Siobhan develop the original tool into a team resource for group sessions. Building on the new Supervision Policy, (you can view the previous Lunchtime Seminar based around this policy here) this is a tool which can support trauma informed and reflective supervision.

This seminar will introduce the tool and Linzi will share how the use of the tool alongside of the ‘supervision chair’ supported her to quickly understand the role of supervision in social work and the need for this to be a two-way experience. Siobhan will outline how the tool can support the development of neuro-inclusive supervision spaces.

The tool could be further developed in a wide range of ways so anyone interested in neuro-inclusive social work may be interested in hearing about the model.

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