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New podcast episode: ‘My voice’ - Views from our Participation partnership

10 July 2024

Working in partnership with people who user services and their families or carers is an important way to influence positive change. At the Northern Ireland Social Care Council (the Social Care Council) we do this by working alongside the Participation Partnership.

Members of the Participation Partnership influence and advise the Social Care Council and develop principles and standards to encourage best practice in participation working.

In the latest episode from the Social Care Council’s ‘Care to chat?’ podcast series three members of the Social Care Council’s Participation Partnership talk about their range of experiences and backgrounds using services and as carers.

Host Dr Wendy Austin MBE speaks with Alan Ritchie, Grace Price and Anne Mallon about their experiences of being involved in advocacy and engagement in health and social care, what motivates them to participate and why they think others should consider getting involved. Hear from them about the importance of nurturing the service user and family’s relationship with social care and social work professionals and to view it as an equal and respectful partnership.

Anne Mallon gives a clear message about the importance of participation and getting your voice heard.

“From the first day and hour that I joined the Participation Partnership in NISCC, I always felt as though what I said had equal value to what everybody else had said. I always felt that I was making an impact…at one stage I got involved with the easy read Standards of conduct and Practice…and all those things have come about because ordinary people like myself, carers and service users have got involved and have but their point of view. The most important thing is that their point of view was listened to given equal weight with the professionals in the room.”

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