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'Social Care Matters' and 'Assessing The Economic Value of the Adult Social Care Sector' Reports

In addition to a wide range of expert speakers, the Symposium on 8th December provided a platform for the official launch of two major reports 'Social Care Matters' and 'Assessing The Economic Value of the Adult Social Care Sector'. 

Social Care Matters and Economic Value Reports NISCC

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> Social Care Matters Report

>Assessing the Economic Value of the Adult Social Care Sector

"As a membership organisation supporting learning disability providers, Association for Real Change welcomes these two reports as opportunities to shine an enhanced and focused light on the contributions social care workforce make to both the economy, but most importantly to people. It is critically needed at this time of increased austerity. Being considered a vital element of prevention, social care reduces the demand on acute health care and these reports provide an opportunity to explore new ways of working to strengthen the sector, recognising the demand on social care will only continue to increase." – Leslie-Anne Newton, ARC NI Director

"This is a very timely, relevant and welcome set of reports, highlighting the real challenges that providers delivering social care face on an ongoing basis. We totally agree we need to focus on the increasing diverse population whose health and well being is centred around a co-produced service that is sustainable. As providers we are very aware of the growing skills gap in attracting and retaining a suitable and sufficient dedicated workforce and sincerely hope that this report will help bring forward a process that recognises the current skills gap that we require to meet not only the needs of our current population but also develop a model that is fit for our future." – Eileen Dunlop, Head of Human Resources & Training, Four Seasons Health Care

"These timely reports spells out in stark detail what many of us in the social care sector have been saying for some time&mdashthe time for tinkering with this issue is long past&mdashwe are in the midst of a social care crisis in Northern Ireland and unless we see some action quickly the system will simply fall apart. The economic benefits of the sector are well established and incontrovertible. The economic efficiency of the sector has been proven time and again. We need a vision and strong leadership from those in power to take action including recognising, in monetary terms, the value of the social care workforce and to put this issue much higher on the political and social agenda. We need to waste no more time, but rather work together across sectors to find solutions to the current crisis in social care" – Agnes Lunny, Chair of ARC (Association for Real Change) and CEO of Positive Futures

"A sustainable, valued and skilled social care workforce is critical to meeting increasing social care needs. Innovative approaches are required, along with substantial but targeted resource investment. NISCC plays a vital role in achieving these aims. I welcome the two reports launched by NISCC today, as well as the opportunity to discuss with other practitioners and policy makers the challenges and responses to the future at the symposium event." – Chris Alexander, Chief Executive, Triangle Housing Association

"Social Care is in crisis, yet the writing has been on the wall for some time. The true value of it, and of the staff who work in the Social Care sector, has never been properly recognised, despite attempts by the sector to raise the issues in the appropriate arenas. Both reports clearly evidence on the one hand the economic value of it and on the other ,why” Social Care matters” for the health, well being and safety of the population and the growth of Northern Ireland. The country can no longer sit back and do nothing, look at where it has got us. Fast and effective action is now required before the crisis deepens further." – Cindy Scott, Head of Care, Belfast Central Mission

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@ColumConwayNISC kicks off social care symposium - it’s matter to us all #SocialCareMatters

— Emma Holden (@EmmaHoldenNI) 8 December 2017

Chief Social Worker Sean Holland says 'I can tell you how much is spent on care but I can't tell you the true cost of care' Vital that we get a truer picture of what good quality care costs. @healthdpt #socialcarematters @NISCC_Comms

— COPNI (@COPNI) 8 December 2017

Delighted with the debate today on raising the value placed on our social care workforce #socialcarematters

— Mairead Mackle (@mairead_mackle) 8 December 2017

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