Scheduled Hearings

  • 01 Mar 2019

    Mulligan - Dympna

    Registration No. 2048376

    Social Care Worker

    Hearing Location

    9.30 am

    Particulars of Allegation

    Suspension Order review hearing

  • 05 Mar 2019

    Huttley - Mila Ros Beltran

    Registration No. 2052317

    Social Care Worker

    Hearing Location

    9.30 am, continuing at 9.30 am on 06 March 2019

    Particulars of Allegation

    Fitness to practise impaired by reason of MISCONDUCT.

  • 19 Mar 2019

    Hanvey - Che John George

    Registration No. 6015859

    Social Care Worker

    Hearing Location

    9.30 am, continuing at 9.30 am on 20 March 2019

    Particulars of Allegation

    Fitness to practise impaired by reason of MISCONDUCT

Holding Hearings in Public

Hearings are normally held in public. Details of scheduled hearings are listed in date order on this page.  If you would like to observe a Hearing, please contact the Committee Clerk to confirm your attendance. or call 028 9536 2932.

Holding Hearings in Private

In some cases, the Hearing may be heard or part-heard in private. This may be to protect vulnerable witnesses, or if there is confidential information relating to the registrant’s health or personal circumstances.

Publishing Information About Hearings

To ensure the public is aware that a hearing is taking place. We will publish information about the date, time, location and registrant name on this part of the website at least one week before the hearing date.

Following the Hearing, the Notice of Decision will be published on the Hearings & Decisions page of the website. Hearing information may be redacted if necessary, but a record of the Committee Decision will always be published. Further information about the information we manage information for Hearings is provided in our Hearings Disclosure Policy.

The Media/Press

All queries relating to Council Hearings processes should be directed to the Communications Team. Email or call 028 9536 2600.

Please note, that to avoid prejudicing a Hearing, the Social Care Council is only able to release the information listed above in advance of the hearing.

Guidance for Members of the Public/Media/Press Observing a Hearing

  1. Arrive in good time. You will not be able to enter the Hearing while a session is in progress
  2. The Social Care Council can only provide an approximate time for the hearing to last. You will only be able to leave the Hearing at points when the Committee recesses.
  3. You should allow for the possibility that there may be adjournments or requests for part or all of the Hearing to be heard in private. Do not approach the registrant, representative or any witnesses to discuss the Hearing. Any queries should be addressed to Social Care Council staff.
  4. The Hearing will be recorded by a stenographer and by an in-house camera system. This material is held purely for confirmation of the events and is not released by the Council.
  5. No filming or recording of any of the events inside our headquaters without the prior permission of the Social Care Council. It will not be possible to interview the Committee, Social Care Coucnil staff or the parties involved in the Hearing.
  6. Names of witnesses or service users may be redacted to respect their privacy. This should be honoured in any subsequent reporting.
  7. All mobile phones and electronic devises must be switched off
  8. No food or drink to be consumed inside the Hearing room
  9. No talking or communication between observers during the Hearing.

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