How to Register

The Social Care Council registration process is an online process through the Online Portal. All social care workers, social work students and UK-qualified social workers must use this system to register, pay fees, update their registration details and record their training and learning. Guidance for Internationally Qualified Social Workers (IQSWs) is available below.

New Applicants (Social Work and Social Care)

For most new applicants, their employer will support them to create their Online Portal account and submit their application form. People who are new to social care will be expected to complete their application as part of induction to their new job role. Scroll down for advice on using the portal.

Internationally Qualified Social Workers (IQSWs)

Internationally qualified social workers applying for the first time cannot use the Online application system and should continue to use the paper application form They will be able to use the Online Portal once their registration is approved. Guidance on Social Care Council registration, working and living in Northern Ireland  is available in the section.

The Registration Process

We manage each application according to the guidelines set out in the Registration Rules. This is to confirm your suitability to work safely in social care services. For further information you can contact the Customer Service Team if you need advice about registering; if you are unable to use the online service because of your disability, or if you do not have access a computer.

Download your guide to Applying for Registration below:


 It normally takes 6-12 weeks to process an application, although this may take longer if there are issues which require additional assessment, such as a criminal record, disciplinary record, or their mental/physical ill health.

The online application form will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and you can complete part of the form, save it and return at any time to continue later. You can navigate between various sections of the form to check what you have entered or to add additional information. It will save you time if you gather the following information before you start:

  • Your contact details – home address, mobile phone number, email address and day time phone number. In particular, we will use your mobile number and email address to alert you about your registration.
  • Employment and career details – address of the facility where you work and the Head office, employment history; induction or qualifications you have completed; criminal or disciplinary record/investigations and information about any health conditions. All of the information that you provide on your form must be correct to the best of your knowledge and belief. The provision of incomplete, false or misleading information may mean that we refuse to register you or will remove your registration from the NISCC Register at a later date. All information will be treated in confidence.
  • Identity documents – scanned images or photocopies of your birth certificate and a form of photographic ID like a passport or driving licence which have been verified by a NISCC approved person (usually your line manager or course tutor).
  • National Insurance number – this number provides a unique way of confirming your identity on the register.
  • Endorser details – ask your manager to confirm the named person within your organisation who will endorse your application to confirm your good character, good conduct, competence, physical and mental fitness to practise. (Social work students do not need their application endorsed.)
  • NISCC Standards of Conduct and Practice – The standards set out what is expected of you as a NISCC registrant. You should must have read and understood these before you submit your application.

You can navigate back and forth through the various sections of the form to check what you have entered and add additional information. If you have any questions please see the How to Register guide or contact the Customer Service Team.

1. Create your NISCC Online registration account at: (take care to choose a username and password that is secure and memorable) If you have ever been registered with NISCC before, but do not have an online account, select the option to ‘complete your account creation’. This will allow you to retrieve your contact information.

2. Select the New Application option. You will then be asked to provide:

  • Your contact details
  • Current and past employment
  • Information on induction and qualifications.
  • You must also disclose information about disciplinary matters, health matters and any offending history. (Disclosing information about your health or disciplinary matters does not mean that registration will be refused but you must provide the requested information to allow us to assess your ability to work safely in social care).

3. Select an authorised individual from your organisation to verify your identity on the application. (For students, verification will be completed by their course tutor).

4. Select an authorised individual to endorse your application online. Endorsement confirms your good character and conduct, competence, physical and mental fitness to practise. The online system will show you a list of people within your organisation who are approved to endorse applications. You should check with your line manager which endorser to select before you start your application. (Students are not required to complete the endorsement process).

5. Upload copies of your identification documents that have been verified by your manager. (for example: passport, driving licence, electoral card). It is your responsibility to submit the documents which have been verified by your manager with your application to NISCC. If you are unable to scan and upload your documents you can send them by email or post them to us. (Remember if sending by post to include your current personal details/home address). Please do not send original documents.

6. Pay your application Fee. It is important to pay the appropriate fee. Payment can be made using major debit or credit cards.

7. Check your form before you confirm that you agree to the outlined terms for registration. This includes:

Meeting the standards set out in the NISCC Standards of Conduct and Practice for Social Care Workers,
Committing to completing training and learning (what we call Post Registration and Learning or PRTL) and
Ensuring NISCC is informed of any change in your personal/employment information or your disciplinary/criminal/health records.

8. Complete your Personal Declaration and submit the application.

When you have completed and submitted your form you are able to print a summary form showing the information you have entered, if you wish (this is recommended).

When your application is successful, we will send you a registration certificate and place your name, registration number and town of employment on the NISCC Public Register.

DHSSPS bursaries for social work students will only be paid to eligible social work students when they have enrolled on their course and their NISCC registration is completed.

NISCC is registered with the Information Commissioner and data supplied by you will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. We electronically store the information you provide which will be retained according to our data retention and deletion policy.

If we close your application, or when you leave the Register, your data will be archived.

By submitting your application, you consent to the processing of your personal data in the ways described in the NISCC Data Protection Statement