The Northern Ireland Social Care Council visits Belfast Met

16 October 2019

The Northern Ireland Social Care Council visits Belfast Met

The Northern Ireland Social Care Council Director of Registration and Corporate Services (Declan McAllister), Professional Adviser (Tricia Devlin) and Gerard McWilliams (SCC Participation Forum) accepted Gerry Skelton’s annual invitation to meet with the College year 1 social work students.

As usual, their dual input addressed the role of the Social Care Council, registration; the meaningful involvement of carers and service users, and the Council’s role in promoting this.

Commenting on the visit, Gerry Skelton (College social work lecturer and organiser) said:

“On behalf of Belfast Met, I was delighted to welcome, once again, my Social Care Council colleagues to meet with our 1st year social work students, especially at this formative stage of their learning and development journey; and to help mark the Council’s rebranding. I am so grateful for the commitment Declan has made to this endeavour, and nice to welcome Tricia to her new role and, of course, Gerard, who returned and his powerful contribution touched heads and hearts.


Reflecting on his visit to the College, Declan McAllister said:

“As the Director of Registration I want to thank Gerry Skelton and the Belfast Met students for the opportunity to address them about the work of the Social Care Council. I am particularly keen to hear from the social work students, as well as highlight to them the benefits of Registration and on what the Social Care Council, as the Regulator for Social Work and Social Care; can do to support their social work career pathway. I truly believe the delivery of social work and social care is the responsibility of us all, but we must work collaboratively to ensure we are meeting the high standards of care as set down in the Council’s Social Work and Social Care Standards”.


Click here to learn more about the Social Care Council's Standards of Conduct and Practice for Social Work Students.





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